Recent Customer Reviews

What XEQ brings that is so special is an innate ability to see the same situation from multiple perspectives. Many people give that skill lip service. XEQ embodies it. Numerous times on a high-profile, high-stakes project we worked on, their insight into the executive mindset and their know-when-to-be-patient nature gave our team the perspective it needed to deal head-on with big issues and opportunities. Beyond putting steps in the right order, XEQ showed our entire team new ways of putting the right order into steps. Two thumbs up from me for their combined skills as a strategic and tactical thinker

Mike Wittenstein

XEQ Consultant integrates an astute knowledge of what genuinely motivates peoples toward great work, technical expertise in IT, a clear understanding of key processes, and established international connections to provide clients exceptional program and project management guidance in uncertain times.


Fred Stawitz