Project Management Services – Our clients look to us to plan, execute and manage their strategic project initiatives to ensure balanced return for stakeholders.  Our competencies in project management are backed by years of experience and industry certification as PMP from Project Management Institute. 

Areas of focus include:

  • Business Case and Feasibility Studies

  • Requirements Management  

  • Project Planning and Control

  • Schedule and Cost Management

  • Risk and Issues Management

  • Operations and Maintenance Training

Our Case Study

EDS/HP, Plano, TX, USA

Project Management

Business Problem
A major US airline needed to comply with International Air Transportation Association (IATA) regulation with respect to Baggage Handling (BH) and the travelling public.  The BH specification required compatibility with the airline’s proprietary tags while processing new IATA tags with messages such as BSM (Baggage Source Messages) and BPM (Baggage Processed Messages). The system must interface with existing Program Logic Controllers (PLC), Passenger Reservation system, for passenger destinations and flight information. 
Define the path –Performed assessments at each airport to determine current BH system strategic value based on their business volume, functional, technical and financial quality. We then created a modernization road map that recommended modernization strategies for each BH system, developing a business case to support the modernization journey.
Manage the journey – We establish a master schedule to execute the modernization strategies as a project with series of phases to create cost savings early, which in turn helped fund subsequent phases.
Mitigate the risk – We carefully planned for and managed the deployment of modernized BHS, mitigating any business risk to business continuity.
Achieve agility – A significantly higher level of flexibility enabled quick, timely response to the travelling public. Operating costs were reduced, and a larger percentage of the budget was allocated to strategic growth initiatives.


Timely compliance to IATA regulations and a saving of over $12 Million dollars over time.